Machine Learning: Applications

Who we are

The Special Interest Group Machine Learning Applications was founded within the focus area Applied Data Science by Daniel Oberski (Social and Behavioural Sciences, Methodology and Statistics).


The objective of the SIG ML:A is to bring two groups of researchers together: on the one hand machine learning experts, and, on the other, substantive researchers interested in applying machine learning to answer novel scientific questions in their domain. SIG ML:A was born out of the idea that such collaborations benefit both sides: machine learning has much to contribute to a host of important domain problems, and, vice versa, domain problems can drive novel developments in machine learning.


  • Familiarize substantive researchers with the potential benefits of machine learning in their field;
  • Familiarize machine learning experts with the wide range of potential applications of their expertise across different fields;
  • Stimulate, facilitate, and participate in smaller high-risk high-gain projects that leverage machine learning to improve a scientific (sub)field.

Our method of achieving these aims is to organize speed presentations showcasing currently running projects applying machine learning to a variety of topics; organize meetings on the application of machine learning to specific fields, or the solution to generic problems across fields, that aim to stimulate joint project proposals; provide small-scale seed funding for such proposals.